love monday at work as much as sunday at church.

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Work. For most people, it’s a necessity.

For some, it’s a source of pride. And for others, it’s a frustration. But there is one perspective on work we don’t always keep in mind: God’s. Knowing his thoughts on work could help us rethink the way we feel about our jobs. Our goal is to help you integrate your faith and your career to give your work spiritual purpose.

we have a plan to bring purpose to your work.


Connect with us.

We’ve created resources that will bring God’s insight to your workday, delivered conveniently to your inbox

Attend an event.

Ready to take the next step in discovering God’s perspective on your career? Events are a great way to engage with ReWork.

Join a group.

ReWork groups encourage you to talk about what it could look like to bridge the gap between your faith and your work.

Lead at work.

You can influence the lives of your co-workers. Find out more about starting a group at your workplace. 


The purpose of your life at work is to show that God is at work in your life.


find opportunities to grow.

ReWork groups exist to encourage you to consider what it could look like to bridge the gap between your faith and your work. We have two group options available at this time.

@WORK: How to win at work without losing yourself

Whether your job is a source of pride or frustration, there are four things you can start doing today to be more satisfied and successful at work tomorrow. Want to know what they are?

This is a four-week large group environment where we’ll talk about work.

Registration is currently closed. Notify me when it opens.

PERSPECTIVE: A Conversation About Work and Faith

PERSPECTIVE groups meet bi-weekly for three months. The curriculum is designed to equip you to live your faith at work and have a positive impact in the lives of your co-workers.

We want you to see the purpose in your work on Monday, as much as you see the purpose in your worship on Sunday.

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