Most of us aren’t sure what God has to say about work. Maybe you feel like your job is just a paycheck—a means to an end. Maybe your career gives you a strong sense of pride. No matter where you stand, knowing God’s perspective for your work will forever change the way you see your job. Perspective groups meet bi-weekly for three months. The curriculum is designed to equip you to live your faith at work and have a positive impact in the lives of your co-workers.

Have you ever considered that you don't need to be in ministry to do God's work; your everyday work could already be God's work?


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The faith of the youngest generations is at stake.

Our culture is changing.

The number of people coming to church to learn about Jesus is decreasing. For the first time, the youngest generations are living in a post-Christian society with little knowledge of who Jesus is and what he wants for them. Therefore, we need to do whatever it takes to reach the unreached. One way we can do that is being intentional about inspiring our co-workers to follow Jesus.

Why focusing on the marketplace?

  • 150+ million people work outside the home each day.

  • An employed person spends over half of their waking hours at work.

  • Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. labor force today, 59 percent of Millennials raised in a church have dropped out.

  • Gen Z is the most spiritually illiterate generation Western civilization has ever seen, and they will soon become the largest generation in the marketplace.

We need to change our outreach strategies to do whatever it takes to reach the unreached.

  • In the post-Christian era, we cannot rely solely on Sunday church services to reach the unreached. We can no longer invite and expect them to attend. We need to invest in others with intentionality.

  • You can be more effective inspiring people in your workplace to follow Jesus than any pastor, because you have the relationships and the influence. Be an irresistible Christians, we want to help you integrate your faith and your work.

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